Sisson MobilityDavid Sisson founded Sisson Mobility Restoration Center in 2000. The son of a master machinist, he enrolled at Lane Technical School in Chicago with an eye toward an engineering degree in college. But then he took a part-time job with a prosthetist, and by 1974, while only a high school junior, was already designing and fabricating artificial limbs under the tutelage of his employer.

Sisson studied prosthetics at the City College of Chicago. He was a senior staff prosthetist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), one of the world’s fore most research facilities for upper-body prostheses for very involved patients.

Sisson Mobility C-Leg

Sisson has become renowned for his knowledge of technologically sophisticated prosthetic solutions for patients throughout the world, and he was invited to be one of the first prosthetist certified to fit the C-Leg.

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